• 01  Carrareccia 40x30 D2012
  • 02   Via Sandri e Menti 40x30 D2013
  • 03 Grandi forme neve 48x36  AN 2002
  • 04 Rossati Sotto 40x30 D2013
  • 05 Monument Valley 6 45,5X34
  • 06 Joshua Tree 24x54 massi
  • 07  Shoshone Falls 90x42
  • 08 Big Hole 40x30
  • 09 Lobbie con masso erratico 48x36 tiff
  • 10 DSC0463
  • 11 Laghi Mandrone riflessi
  • 12  eriofori
  • 13 Panoramica dalla vetta Adamello 175x55tagliata
  • 14  Podestaria 46x34 D2014
  • 15 Muro a secco di D2012
  • 16 Occhi MRS
  • 17 Gruppo Sella  100x45ritoccata2
  • 18 Brenta Val Ambiez dx. orogr. 105x40 AN 2008ritagliata5
  • 19 Brenta 12 Apost
  • 20 Brenta morf.sopra Busa tramont. 100x40 AN2008
  • 21 Spinale, agosto 1991
  • 22 Foschie dal Novegnoo 48x38 D2014
  • 23 Sengio Alto   Pasubio
  • 24 Rive Rossati Sopra D2012
  • 25Frassini Zovo 36x24 positivo negativo D2012
  • 26 Praga
  • 27 Praga

01   2002

Mario's winter
«...The snow will come light as goose feather, dwelling first on trees, then filtering among the branches by placing on frozen cortinarius, cranberry shrubs, moss as sugar veil on the cake. Hares, roe deers, deers will be immobile looking at the new landscape. Foxes inside the den will put out their nose to smell the new and old odour that comes back. But when everything will be white, will the squirrels remember where they hid their supplies? The old capercaillie of Scoglio del Tasso will fly on the abode where generations of its family waited for the spring feeding with those leaves. The woods will be immersed in an unreal time and I will walk in it as in a dream. Many things will appear clear in that light that is born of itself.
The dear wren will come on the woodcock to announce the first snow as I was a boy with its tictictic repeated several times, and its little bell hidden in the throat will also be heard up there where the compact and white clouds wait for the signal.»

(Mario Rigoni Stern Inverni lontani, Giulio Einaudi editore, Torino, 1999)



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