Panoramic pictures

The invention of the Panorama

 «It is not easy to explain what has been known as Panorama from the last decade of the eighteenth century until the beginning of the century. The term was coined around 1790 by joining two Greek etymes, pan and orao, translated as "view of the totality", and it was used to designate an immense picture extended to three hundred and sixty degrees, a circular view open on natural, urban and historical landscapes, whose physical limits coincided with those of the spectator's visual horizon.

 From this initial definition the denomination of panorama has come to identify itself more generically with the current meaning of a broad and generally all-encompassing view, in some cases synonymous of landscape or view (...). »(1)

 After the advent of photography (1839), some photographers also ventured into this kind of representation. Among the big ones, a place of absolute importance is given to Vittorio Sella from Biella who, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, realized panoramic photographs of extraordinary quality in the Alps, Caucasus, Sikkim and Karakorum.

 (1) Silvia Bordini History of the Panorama, Officina Edizioni, Rome, 1984

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