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Magnificent Brenta

«In front of us stood a colossal rock, one of the most prodigious monuments of the power of Nature. The lower part rose on declining floors like the Tower of Babel in the old illustrations of the Bible. Higher up stood a straight pillar whose top ended four thousand, four thousand five hundred feet above our heads. Behind this gigantic tower a huge fortress made of rocks stretched its long line of turrets and bastions. But as we approached its base the great tower stood isolated, without support and the boldness of its forms became almost unbelievable. It can be compared to the Cervino seen from Hörnli or Cimon della Pala, above Paneveggio; and reunites to a high degree the solidity of the Swiss peak with the particular vertical structure that gives the Dolomites a strange resemblance to human architecture.»

Douglas William Freshfield, The Italian Alps, 1875



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