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Photographic ascensions in the Adamello-Presanella group

 The Adamello - Presanella group, straddling Trentino and Lombardy regions, has always attracted the attention of scientists and mountaineers for the exceptional vastness of the glacial basins present in it (today strongly retreating like all Alpine glaciers).

 The first accurate cartography of the group was carried out by the Austrian topographer Julius Payer who was also the first Adamello' s climber (September 15, 1864), while the first climber of Presanella was the English man, Douglas William Freshfield (August 25, 1864).

 I climbed for the first time Adamello' s summit in 1963. In 1968 I climbed Carè Alto (but in that period I was not interested in photography). After that an almost uninterrupted absence until the late nineties of the last century when I returned to observe and photograph the changes occurred in the landscape, over a century after the ascensions of Giovan Battista Unterveger, Vittorio Sella and Giuseppe Garbari. In 2003 I climbed the Presanella to take a panoramic picture of the entire Adamello mountain and glacier complex.

 Some photographs were taken from the same point from which the photographers mentioned above took up their views over a century ago.

 The photographic corpus here proposed, contains some of the panoramic photographs made for the research mentioned above and other photographs, more or less recent, which give a more detailed idea of the characteristics of this impressive mountain system.





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