The Great War

The Great War in Vicenza area

The Vicentine Prealps, delimited by Agno Valley to the west and Brenta to the east, are still strongly marked by the testimony of the Great War.

 This context was the only front suffering for all 41 months of war the fate of a state of belligerency, becoming the scene of some of the bloodiest battles of the conflict culminating with the Spring Offensive (May-June 1916), better known as Strafexpedition, probably the biggest fight ever fought in the mountains. The signs of the conflict still appear today in all their evidence and constitute a series of works that, ninety years later, still shows an extraordinary evocative power and connotation of the territory. In these places, nature is nature transformed by men, it is history. A territory, therefore, that assumes the meaning of collective memory, the value of cultural good.

(from Testimonies of the Great War, edited by the Agno-Chiampo Mountain Community, s.d.)


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