Great Spirit

Where the Great Spirit blows

«These people are so docile and peaceful that I swear to Your Majesty that there is no better nation in the world. They love their neighbors as themselves and their speeches are always sweet and kind, and accompanied by a smile...»

from a letter of Christopher Columbus to the king and queen of Spain

«I am absolutely certain, on the basis of the long familiarity with these people that the misfortune of the Indian resides above all in our ignorance of his true being and his nature. This has always kept us wary away from him, causing us to consider him as an enemy and leading us to a continuous state of belligerence, with the abuses deriving from it, which has certainly damaged him. Instead, it is not difficult to approach an Indian and to make his acquaintance in his own wild and primitive environment, and to find in him an honest man to whom we owe respect. If we can forget prejudices and fears, we discover that our and their feelings matches. To this conclusion will come whoever takes the trouble (as I did) to go and find him in the simplicity of the state of nature, while smoking his pipe under his humble roof, with his wife and children and faithful dogs and horses roaming around outside his hospitable home.»

 George Catlin


«Nature was God, Life. Glory of our people
living with the wind, the streams and the warm sun.
We were safe with everything that lives
and we thought eternal. Fear is ignored
like a long-dead beast.
Our shelters the sky and the green earth,
oceans without border to the soul our investigator.
People of earth, in a rich land wanderers,
to seek refuge and food to seek life
respectful even of the pebbles on the street.
The world was rich then, the richer our heart...»

Jesse Simangan, Nez-Percé

«Closed in the white enclosure
I buried my ax
I buried my horse's gallop
I buried the beating of my heart.
My life remains.
My life remains
fair as an ax.»

Song Lakota

«A voice we will send.
We will send a voice
for the whole earth.
We will live.»

Song of the American Indian Movement


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